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Car companies, even the most efficient ones, are inherently slowed down by their dependance on human capital, and the only way to really ‘step on it’ is to automate the pickup and return process. Click-Ins™ unique technology performs automatic vehicle inspections with an unprecedented level of accuracy and consistency, so rental, leasing and carshare companies can be certain of every vehicles’ exact condition, every time it changes hands.
By standardizing the inspection process and introducing transparency into every transaction, car companies know the exact condition of every vehicle throughout its lifecycle, maintain top vehicle quality at all times, recognize any damage as it happens, and streamline damage repair processes. This new standard of quality also minimizes loss while improving user experience and communication with service providers, insurers, and other 3rd parties.

The Efficiency
of Automation

Streamline transactions


Advance to an automated car pickup and return process and simplify inspection for employees, service managers and users, by providing them with an intuitive mobile-guided image capture tool that is fully integrated into their existing workflow and requires no training. Automating such a sensitive process requires a level of accuracy that can only be achieved by applying Click-Ins’ unique hybrid AI technology and patented fingerprint approach.

standardize and eliminate friction


Improve user experience, reduce friction at touchpoints, and build customer loyalty by implementing a simple, efficient, and standardized handover// pickup and return process that is completely transparent to the customer.
With no hardware reliance and requiring no user training, Click-Ins’ intuitive mobile guided image capture tool can be fully integrated into existing workflow, allowing employees, service managers and users to generate top quality images, and verify image quality in near real-time.

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Get on-the-spot, accurate damage detection and analysis and be certain of the extent of damage and parties involved, to avoid losses due to undetected damages.
This level of transparency can easily be achieved by integrating Click-Ins’ near real-time image analysis solution, to identify new and existing damage, and receive a complete damage report within seconds.

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Gain a virtual presence at every carshare interaction by automatically inspecting the vehicle upon rental and return. By implementing an automatic, near real-time inspection procedure that requires nothing more than a few photos of the vehicle, fleet managers, vehicle owners, maintenance personnel and users, can gain full transparency as to the exact condition of the vehicle. Replacing trust with certainty, Click-Ins’ highly accurate inspections provide not only peace of mind, but also initiates the relevant course of treatment for optimal vehicle maintenance.

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