Click-Ins Partners With GT Motive to Launch GT Fusion

March 14, 2021

The technology company specialised in automotive repair data, GT Motive, has launched GT Fusion, an innovative platform that combines GT Motive's core capabilities in repair estimating data with AI technology partners to improve motor claims processes with greater automation.

GT Fusion is founded on an open platform approach. By championing connectivity and flexibility of the supply chain, customers can adopt solutions that support their specific claims processes and objectives.

Computer vision providers employ AI to automatically detect damaged parts, then pass them to GT Motive’s vehicle identification and repair database for an initial, automated calculation. The combination provides the building blocks to solve the challenges of today and those that will come tomorrow. Some examples include pre-policy vehicle checks, claims repair triage, and automated estimating.

Demerie Hill, Executive Product Director of GT Motive: "GT Fusion exemplifies GT Motive’s collaborative approach to delivering leading technology solutions by fusing our strengths in estimatics with the visual recognition capabilities of our partners".

GT Motive is proud to announce the collaboration with the first GT Fusion partners: Click-Ins, TonkaBI, and Valora . They share GT Motive's approach to an open and collaborative technology ecosystem.

Commenting on the launch, Demerie Hill, Executive Product Director of GT Motive, said “We are very excited about the launch of GT Fusion, which exemplifies GT Motive’s collaborative approach to delivering leading technology solutions by fusing our strengths in estimatics with the visual recognition capabilities of our partners. Furthermore, we are looking forward to introducing more partners in the coming months.”

Eugene Greenberg, Click-Ins’ CEO: “We are extremely proud of our partnership with GT Motive. By leveraging AI, we provide a comprehensive automated solution – from a damage inspection through to a cost estimation – all at a fraction of the cost and process time of traditional solutions”.

About GT Motive:

GT Motive, headquartered in Madrid and with presence in 28 countries, is a company specialised in delivering automotive repair data to the repair, insurance, fleet and leasing industries. Using the latest technology, GT Motive processes more than 5 million estimates every year with consistent growth.

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Latest From Click-Ins

Putting Satisfaction Back Into the Car Rental Experience

It’s a dream-come-true when you can rent and return a rental car quickly, easily, and have pleasant interactions with all those involved, right?

But let’s be honest, the scenario doesn’t always play out that way. For both the person renting the car as well as for the people working at the car rental company, the transactions and interactions are often less than smooth and pleasant.

Click-Ins’ automatic vehicle inspection saves car rental companies loads of money otherwise spent on damage disputes and undocumented damages.  

Why is Damage Assessment So Nerve-wracking?

Very often, returning a rental car may look something like this: the car rental examiner inspects the car for damage while the customer waits to sign the check-out paperwork and return the keys — sometimes with the anxiety that past damage will become her responsibility. When there’s damage on a vehicle that’s been unidentified or unreported, it becomes unclear as to who is liable for the vehicle repairs.

Unreported damage can later cause an ugly dispute with a customer. Most often, rental companies accept the liability and pay for the repairs. 

Avoid the Game of “Who Dun It?”

Assessing car damage can easily become a game of assessing responsibility. It’s hard enough to assess car damage without having to also determine whether it's the customer’s fault for the damage, the last examiner’s fault for not assessing the car correctly before renting it out, or the car rental company’s fault for not having proper records about existing damage.  

Click-Ins’ technology makes returning rental cars a stress-free and automatic procedure. With a few quick taps of a mobile phone camera, damages are automatically assessed and analyzed through with an artificial intelligence process. 

It’s no longer necessary for employees to assess car rental damage or for car rental customers to wonder if they will be given fair treatment. In addition, both the rental company and the customers are reassured that previous damage has been efficiently recorded; each party is only held responsible for damage done during their time with the car. 

Pleasant Social Distancing

This results in minimized human contact, which is especially important now with the health concerns of COVID-19, and it also results in increasingly positive interactions for everyone involved. Car rental employees and customers can spend their short interactions in a pleasant and stress-free manner, with neither worrying about damages, reports, or being unduly responsible for previous damages and mistakes.

How Does The Software Work? 

Click-Ins uses a mix of artificial intelligence, deep learning, remote sensing, and 3D models to convert each damage into a digital signature. 

Even damage that is difficult to see or measure with the human eye, Click-ins’ automated vehicle inspections for rental cars precisely records and analyzes against detailed 3D imaging of the specific car’s make and model, quickly detecting any anomalies. Each anomaly is converted into a DamagePrint™, a digital signature which acts as a damage “fingerprint”; no two damages are alike. This creates precise and accurate records for each car and any damage which appears after each rental — down to the exact length of a scratch.

People-First Technology

The accuracy with which the Click-Ins technology assesses damage saves car rental companies money and enables car examiners to have more positive interactions at work. Customers leave the car lot happy because they no longer need to worry about unfair car damage assessments, and are able to rent and return cars easily and quickly. 

With Click-Ins’ technology in place, returning a rental car is an automatic process. The tech is handling the assessment; no disputes or haggling are involved — pleasant human interactions and transactions between a business and its customers prevail.

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