Click-Ins continues combating insurance fraud by launching new Car Damage Image Matching and Cost Assessment platform

Click-Ins, through its revolutionary product - getmeins™, concentrates its efforts at helping carriers predict fraud at point of sale as well as point of claim using a holistic approach that leverages military-grade intelligence techniques. These techniques include link analysis, open source intelligence, text analytics, signal and image processing. Click-Ins believes that carriers struggle to catch fraudulent activity through their existing legacy systems because these systems are usually policy-centric and separated from each other. Click-Ins contends that applying these techniques to an existing set of data with emphasis on unstructured data, the DNA of Insurance Company, can help carriers unlock insights contained within.

Our global vision is reduction of loss ratio by combating insurance fraud at both point of sale and point of claim by using comprehensive approach.

As a hard proof of our unique technology stack getmeins™ was nominated as a second runner up at the most prestigious competition - Luxembourg Fintech Awards held by KPMG. Previously, in February 2017, Click-Ins was was nominated the winner of first Israel Insurtech Competition held by AXA and Jerusalem Venture Partners.

As a part of our G2M strategy we're launching our first product - Car Damage Matching and Assessment. The product detects insurance fraud by matching mobile and digital camera pictures of the damages using photogrammetry, computer vision and remote sensing as well as provides assessment of estimated repair cost.

By processing new and historical damage pictures we generate unique signature (fingerprint style) and match it to the database to detect multiple use of the same damaged parts as well as exaggerated claims.

The process is fully automated by using a combination of proprietary photogrammetry algorithms, Computer Vision analysis and Deep Learning.

The product is cloud-based and it also can be deployed on-premise.

Business model: SaaS (cost per claim).

In the future, as a part of our global vision, the company intends to extend the product to other types of insurance.

Yolanda Michelle Hairston

Former television news journalist with more than 20 years of experience in marketing and digital content.

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