Our Solution

Click-Ins’ solution to detecting vehicle anomalies helps reduce costs and simplify operations by automatically recognizing and classifying all damage to the vehicle.

Our technology allows insurance companies to prevent cases of insurance fraud and enables car rental and car sharing companies to quickly and efficiently check the vehicle and print a status report, using a fully automated process.

Identify all damage and reduce inspection costs

Transform daily operations into an automated process

Redefine vehicle inspection processes by automation

Use our technology to mark damage to the vehicle and convert it into a unique digital DamagePrint™

Click on any digital camera to take a single photo to identify:

  • Make, Model, Sub-Model, and Model Year
  • Principal color
  • Camera position
  • External parts
  • All damage to the vehicle

Unique digital signature DamagePrint™

Our technology uses any digital photo to identify anomalies, converting them into a unique, smart, digital signature called DamagePrint™. This creates a long-term record for each vehicle.

Long-term DamagePrint™
for each vehicle

The digital signature is analyzed and matched with the repository.