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Automation is the Future of Car Insurance

January 13, 2021

Why customer satisfaction is on the decline, and how automation can solve the problem.

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Putting Satisfaction Back Into the Car Rental Experience

August 12, 2020

Click-Ins AI powered vehicle inspections makes renting cars easier and risk-free. While technology does all the work, employees and customers can focus on what really matters — human connection.

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Ethical AI — The Alternative to Collecting Customer Data

August 8, 2020

Ethical artificial intelligence has advantages beyond customer protection. Since these systems don't need to pull data from clients, they have a much faster integration than a system that is based on private information. The technology can be used quickly and easily by the end-user, without the need to provide data prior to its implementation.

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Tech That Takes the Guesswork Out of Car Damage Assessments

July 20, 2020

Click-Ins technology puts an end to auto insurance fraud, manipulation, claims of exaggerated damages and inflated price quotes. DamagePrint™, one of the company’s key patents, refers to the unique identity of a car’s bit of damage, similar to the uniqueness of every human being’s fingerprint.

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