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Founded with the aim of simplifying vehicle inspection, Click-Ins introduces AI-driven automated technology that completely redefines its category. Helping insurance and car companies transition from manual procedures to fast and efficient fact-based processes, Click-Ins provides a user experience that is both simpler and more reliable, for all parties involved.
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Click-Ins has devised a hybrid AI method for utmost transparency and assurance.

Using proprietary simulated data to pretrain AI modules, and leveraging multidisciplinary technologies, Click-Ins SaaS cloud solution accurately and consistently recognizes any damage, with no training period.

Accurate & consistent technology
Highly Skilled Team
Fast Processing
24/7 Service

Management Team

Eugene Greenberg
Co-Founder and Chairman
Charles Lukens
Dmitry Geyzersky
Co-Founder and CTO
Barak Gazit
VP Operations
Irena Graiver
VP Product
Ilja Berin

Award Winners

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