Optimize car sales operations with complete transparency.

Streamline services, ensure vehicle condition clarity, and elevate the buying and selling experience with innovative solutions.
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How Your Car Dealership Company Can Benefit
Welcome to a new era in car sales, powered by Click-Ins. Our AI-driven solutions bring consistency and reliability to every vehicle assessment, laying a strong foundation for customer trust. The road to improving efficiency, and maintaining profitability begins with only one click away. Ready to elevate your dealership experience? With us, you're not just choosing a solution; you're selecting a partner in success.

Be consistent

AI ensures that each vehicle is assessed using the same standardized criteria, eliminating variations in inspection quality among different technicians. This consistency builds confidence in the accuracy of assessments.

Allocate Your Resources

By utilizing our tool, we adjust the inspection process, allowing you to maximize your vehicle handling capacity with existing resources. The operational efficiency significantly improves overall effectiveness.

Maintain Your Costs

Click-Ins’ inspections excel at early issue detection, reducing the need for costly post-sale repairs. Effectively managing maintenance expenses is key to sustaining profitability.

Enhance The Customer Trust

By integrating AI-driven inspections, you demonstrate a dedication to transparent and precise vehicle assessments. Nurture trust among customers, instilling confidence in their purchasing decisions and elevating their overall experience.

How Does the Vehicle Assessment Work?

Integrate within your own application or use our API

What our users say


Thanks to our collaboration with Click-Ins, we aim to make the car insurance policy underwriting process, and subsequently the claims settlement process, easier, more accurate, and faster.


Click-Ins technology, the car images transferred by the customer are processed automatically, thereby reducing the handling time for IDI's underwriting department and improving the customer experience

Shlomo Sixt

Click-Ins helps the employee and the customer to accurately identify the damages and define them.

Shlomo Sixt

Click-Ins Serves as a big brother, who records/observes/recommends damage to the representative and enables tracking of the representative's behavior. It's improving the results of damage detection and identification, while shortening process execution time

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