Maintain consistent vehicle
condition at each rental exchange

Minimize false claims and enhance the clarity of the claims process. Efficiently identify fraudulent activities and provide precise damage assessments
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How Your Rental Business Can Benefit
From maintaining consistency in inspection standards among your team to efficiently checking each vehicle for issues, the car inspection process involves a delicate balance between accuracy, time efficiency, and effective communication. Click-Ins' AI technology seamlessly blends these elements.

Prevent Unpleasant Surprises

Identify automotive problems through a simple camera scan, streamlining the process efficiently.  Your top priority is loss prevention, especially when damage responsibility is uncertain, causing billing doubts. Take care of your damages during inspections leads to customer inconvenience and financial losses.

Collect Your Report

Have clear distinction of damages that occurred before and during the rental period. Have precise measurements for each damage and all the essential information required for accurate repair estimates. Receive detailed vehicle condition insights immediately.

No Training Required

Getting your team members trained for precise inspection processes can be tough, especially with the frequent staff changes in the rental sector. Leave those worries behind. All it takes is to seamlessly integrate Click-Ins feature inside your own app to get started on streamlined inspections.

Be Transparent

Sharing inspection results with your customers in a straightforward manner is key. This helps prevent confusion and surprises when they bring back the car.

How Does the Vehicle Assessment Work?

Integrate within your own application or use our API

What our users say


Thanks to our collaboration with Click-Ins, we aim to make the car insurance policy underwriting process, and subsequently the claims settlement process, easier, more accurate, and faster.


Click-Ins technology, the car images transferred by the customer are processed automatically, thereby reducing the handling time for IDI's underwriting department and improving the customer experience

Shlomo Sixt

Click-Ins helps the employee and the customer to accurately identify the damages and define them.

Shlomo Sixt

Click-Ins Serves as a big brother, who records/observes/recommends damage to the representative and enables tracking of the representative's behavior. It's improving the results of damage detection and identification, while shortening process execution time

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