Drive efficiency in automotive
auctions with detailed vehicle reports

Enhance remarketing strategies and ensure transparent bidding
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How Your Automotive Auctions Company Can Benefit
Traditional auctions often lack detailed vehicle information, hindering informed decision-making and trust among participants. Click-Ins' solution provides swift and accurate vehicle identification, damage assessment, and detailed reporting, enhancing transparency, trust, and efficiency in the auction and remarketing processes. This enables fair pricing, builds confidence among buyers and sellers, and streamlines the marketing of vehicles, ultimately benefiting all stakeholders in the industry.

Reduce uncertainty and
increase bidding confidence

Leverage Click-Ins to generate comprehensive vehicle reports. Provide potential buyers with essential information about the condition of vehicles, reducing uncertainty and increasing bidding confidence.

Efficiently manage your
vehicle inventory

Use real-time data on vehicle conditions, helping you make informed decisions on which vehicles to feature and when.

Gain a competitive edge

Employ Click-Ins to gain a competitive edge by offering detailed vehicle reports and fostering transparency. Attract more buyers and sellers to your auctions.

Improve Marketing
with detailed insights

Create compelling marketing materials, showcasing the quality and transparency of vehicles being offered for resale. Remarket vehicles via detailed insights into a vehicle's condition

How Does the Vehicle Assessment Work?

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What our users say


Thanks to our collaboration with Click-Ins, we aim to make the car insurance policy underwriting process, and subsequently the claims settlement process, easier, more accurate, and faster.


Click-Ins technology, the car images transferred by the customer are processed automatically, thereby reducing the handling time for IDI's underwriting department and improving the customer experience

Shlomo Sixt

Click-Ins helps the employee and the customer to accurately identify the damages and define them.

Shlomo Sixt

Click-Ins Serves as a big brother, who records/observes/recommends damage to the representative and enables tracking of the representative's behavior. It's improving the results of damage detection and identification, while shortening process execution time

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