Unique Hybrid AI Approach

Damage recognition is complex, but modern AI has multiple limitations. 
We use a systematic and methodological approach based on military-grade Visual Intelligence principles. By combining precise engineering disciplines such as photogrammetry, SLAM, 3D Modelling, and others, we overcome some of the limitations of AI. Click-Ins pre-trained solution utilizes AI models specifically designed and trained on simulated data produced and owned by the company.
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Click-Ins Damage Print™ Patent Pending Technology

We create a unique digital signature of the damage based on a single photo, aka DamagePrint™. For instance, a match between two damage signatures obtained from different pictures may indicate a fraudulent claim in insurance. In the car rental industry, damages are matched between check-in and check-out to calculate the excess. All damages in the image have unique signature, but different images of the same damage may have similar signatures.

Synthetic Data

AI models require vast amounts of data for training. It is very hard and expensive to acquire and annotate new data. One always has to chase after the bias in data/model. Synthetic data is artificially created rather than generated by actual events. Our high-quality synthetic data contains all the production characteristics without the sensitive content. Synthetic Data helps Click-Ins immediately deploy its solution without additional training and requesting customer's data. Using an automatic machine annotation process eliminates human errors associated with manual labeling.

State of the Art and Scalable

State of the Art and Scalable

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