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How Your Automotive Services Can Benefit
Click-Ins’ solution is designed to empower your operations, making them more streamlined and cost-effective than ever before. It is not just a tool, but a key to unlocking efficiency and profitability in your business.  From streamlining inspections to controlling costs, generating top-quality content, and ensuring accessibility for everyone, these solutions are a roadmap to redefining how you operate in the automotive services and logistics sector.

Get Inspections Effortlessly

Our AI-powered technology simplifies the often time-consuming process of before and after transportation inspections. Inspections are conducted quickly, and the results are delivered instantly through detailed reports.

Control Your Costs

Early issue detection is your key to effective maintenance cost management, preventing budget overruns, and ensuring financial stability. Track and assign damages efficiently, controlling operational expenses and driving up your bottom line.

Generate High-Quality Content

Generate high-quality vehicle images and data effortlessly. Whether it's for marketing, documentation, or customer engagement, our solution ensures you have top-notch visuals to showcase your automotive offerings.

Accessibility For Everyone

Whether you're an experienced professional or a beginner, Click-Ins intuitive app ensures that vehicle inspections are easy and straightforward. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to problem-free inspections for everyone.

How Does the Vehicle Assessment Work?

Integrate within your own application or use our API

What our users say


Thanks to our collaboration with Click-Ins, we aim to make the car insurance policy underwriting process, and subsequently the claims settlement process, easier, more accurate, and faster.


Click-Ins technology, the car images transferred by the customer are processed automatically, thereby reducing the handling time for IDI's underwriting department and improving the customer experience

Shlomo Sixt

Click-Ins helps the employee and the customer to accurately identify the damages and define them.

Shlomo Sixt

Click-Ins Serves as a big brother, who records/observes/recommends damage to the representative and enables tracking of the representative's behavior. It's improving the results of damage detection and identification, while shortening process execution time

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