Quickly re-identify vehicles in urban

Click-Ins technology can identify and classify the model, make, year, and body style of all the vehicles in the scene in near-real time. Therefore, it is widely adopted and commercially deployed across law-enforcement agencies, requiring unprecedented accuracy and performance.
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How Your City Can Benefit
Unlock the potential of smart cities with Click-Ins, where innovative solutions pave the way for safer, more efficient urban environments. Our suite of cutting-edge technologies is designed to address the unique challenges using stationary cameras with advanced AI capabilities, detecting all vehicles in a scene or mastering the art of vehicle re-identification. Join us on a journey to revolutionize urban efficiency and discover how Click-Ins is shaping the future of smart cities one solution at a time.

Improve Your Vehicle Insights

With Click-Ins' solution advanced make/model recognition, you can effortlessly detect the make, model, body style, and year of every vehicle on the scene. Experience near-real-time performance and an unmatched level of accuracy.

Master The Vehicle Re-Identification

Identify vehicles based on their geometry and distinctive features. With the Damage Print™ feature, you gain access to a unique damage signature that can be seamlessly matched across multiple images, making vehicle tracking and assessment more efficient than ever.

What our users say


Thanks to our collaboration with Click-Ins, we aim to make the car insurance policy underwriting process, and subsequently the claims settlement process, easier, more accurate, and faster.


Click-Ins technology, the car images transferred by the customer are processed automatically, thereby reducing the handling time for IDI's underwriting department and improving the customer experience

Shlomo Sixt

Click-Ins helps the employee and the customer to accurately identify the damages and define them.

Shlomo Sixt

Click-Ins Serves as a big brother, who records/observes/recommends damage to the representative and enables tracking of the representative's behavior. It's improving the results of damage detection and identification, while shortening process execution time

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