January 27, 2021
November 28, 2023

Click-Ins Welcomes New Partnership with Insurtech platform Claim Technology

Click-Ins Welcomes New Partnership with Insurtech platform Claim Technology

January 27th, 2021 – London, UK: Click-Ins are thrilled to announce that insurers and automotive companies can now accessAI powered vehicle inspection as a 1-Click solution on the Claim Technology marketplace.

Click-Ins innovation is based on a Hybrid AI approach using pre-trained simulated data produced and proprietary owned by the company to train its AI modules together with multidisciplinary technologies such as, deep learning, photogrammetry, 3D modeling, applied mathematics and computer vision.

This is a new addition to Claim Technology’s 1-Click Insurtech platform, which allows insurers to consume dozens of solutions from best-in-class insurtechs, all through a single API.  The company is working with insurtech startups to help bring solutions to market quicker, and then making them instantly available to insurers via its marketplace of plug-and-play solutions. 

The marketplace solution helps insurers improve their end-user experience, with features including: 

  • Guided photo sessions using intuitive mobile guided tool - standardize damage recording
  • Near real-time image quality processing to check image quality, angle, and car position
  • Near real-time damage detection including visual feedback that shows detected damages and guided damage closeup photo recording
  • Detailed damage report
  • Damage Print™ technology creating unique damage identifies for immediate comparison between new and pre existing damage

This solution can be easily combined with complimentary technologies to create a robust First Notification of Loss process, which helps the industry move toward a touchless claims process, automated in the cloud.  The Click-Ins service is available from as little as 99p per inspection; a proposition which is allowing insurers to digitise at pace and improve the customer centricity of their offering.

About Claim Technology

Claim Technology provides out-of-the-box, best-of-breed technology solutions for future-focused companies in the Insurance sector. Our open insurance platform and 1-Click Insurtech solutions help insurers and their supply chain leverage the benefits of cloud computing by automating insurance processes in the cloud as an alternative to building solutions in-house. 

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