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April 9, 2024

How AI is reshaping the auto industry: A look at 15 high-momentum technologies across the automotive value chain

How AI is reshaping the auto industry: A look at 15 high-momentum technologies across the automotive value chain

In this report, we explore an emerging set of technologies impacting automotive R&D, manufacturing, sales, vehicle use, and the aftermarket.

Advancements in AI are changing the way automakers design, build, sell, and repair vehicles.

Large language models (LLMs) are enabling new capabilities with simulation and generative design, empowering humanoid robots, and paving the way for copilots to improve productivity across manufacturing, sales, and the aftermarket.

With the growing focus on software-defined, electric vehicles, and as automakers look to build a more digital-forward car buying experience, these technologies are growing increasingly relevant.

Using the CB Insights technology intelligence platform, we analyzed signals such as funding, analyst briefings, business relationships, headcount growth, Mosaic scores, and more to identify 15 high-momentum technologies that auto stakeholders should be watching in 2024.

Our 19-page report digs into trends like:

  • AI and quantum computing are accelerating vehicle development and reducing R&D costs, allowing OEMs to introduce new designs, prototypes, and materials.
  • Automotive production will see gains from more sophisticated robotics and automation solutions, laying the groundwork for cost-effective, modular production of next-generation vehicles.
  • AI is enabling a more personalized, efficient automotive sales process, with new fintech solutions and engagement tools speeding up the sales cycle and improving accessibility for car buyers.
  • Connected vehicle technology is enabling real-time visibility into vehicle health and security, providing OEMs with valuable data to enhance other facets of the value chain and the in-vehicle experience.
  • Chatbots and computer vision-led inspection solutions are driving efficiencies in vehicle repair, improving service desk productivity and technician accuracy.

And much more. Download the full report to see them all.

15 technologies gaining momentum across the automotive value chain

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